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  1. Crown Of Thorns
    The Lord Of The Rings
  2. Blind Guardian
    Lord Of The Rings
  3. Lindsey Stirling
    Lord of the Rings Medley
  4. The Piano Guys
    Lord of the Rings
  5. Blind Guardian
    The Lord Of The Rings
  6. Morgana Lefay
    Lord Of The Rings
  7. Stratovarius
    Lord Of The Rings
  8. Chance Thomas
    Rohan (theme) Soundtrack To Lord Of The Rings Online
  9. Samiyam
    Lord of the Rings
  10. Equinox Ov The Gods
    The Lord Of The Crossroads
  11. The Animals
    Eric Burdon – Woman Of The Rings
  12. The Vandals
    Lord of the Dance
  13. Lord of the Lost
    Where Is All the Love
  14. The Priests
    Lord of the Dance
  15. Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock
    Lord of the Lost and Lonely
  16. Lord of the Lost
    In Silence
  17. Fred Hammond
    Lord of the Harvest
  18. Dire Straits
    Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero
  19. Isaacs
    Lord of the Dance
  20. Rhapsody
    Lord Of The Thunder
  21. Lord of the Lost
    Raining Stars
  22. Lord of the Lost
    Drag Me to Hell
  23. Kid Cudi
    Lord Of The Sad And Lonely
  24. Mark Knopfler
    Going Home [Theme of the Local Hero]
  25. Luca Turilli
    Lord Of The Winter Snow
  26. Sonicflood
    Lord Of The Dance
  27. Iron Maiden
    Lord of The Flies
  28. Aerosmith
    Lord Of The Thighs
  29. Blind Guardian
    Lords Of The Rings
  30. Nastrond
    Lord of the Woods
  31. Toxic Holocaust
    The Lord of The Wasteland
  32. Israel
    Lord of the Breakthrough
  33. Donovan
    Lord Of The Reedy River
  34. Burzum
    Ea. Lord of the Depths
  35. Dio
    Lord Of The Last Day
  36. Lord of the Lost
    Miss Machine
  37. Elton John
    Lord Of The Flies
  38. Falconer
    Lord Of The Blacksmiths
  39. Danzig
    Lord of the Thighs
  40. Lord of the Lost
    Doomsday Disco
  41. Bruce Cockburn
    Lord of the Starfields
  42. Mary Hopkin
    Lord of The Reedy River
  43. Stratovarius
    Lord Of The Wasteland
  44. Burzum
    Ea, Lord Of The Deeps
  45. Lord of the Lost
    Interstellar Wars
  46. Kate Bush
    Lord of the Reedy River
  47. Lord of the Lost
    No Gods, No War
  48. Lord of the Lost
  49. Miri Ben-Ari
    Lord Of The Strings
  50. Lord of the Lost
    Black Oxide

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